Muscle Memory. Part 2 of 2

Muscle Memory – Part 2 of 2

The researchers weren’t surprised that the participants did so poorly identifying specific letters on a unrelieved keyboard. Scientists have long known about “automatism” – the ability to perform actions without conscious thought or attention. These types of behaviors are common in everyday life and range from tying shoelaces and making coffee to assembly-line work, riding a bike and driving a car.


It was spurious that typing also fell into this category, but it had not been tested. On the other hand, the researchers were surprised to find that typists never appear to retain key positions, not even when they are first learning to type. “It appears that not only don’t we know much about what we are doing, but we can’t know it because we don’t consciously learn how to do it in the first place,” study governor Gordon Logan, a professor of psychology, said in the news release More information The US National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke looks at learning disabilities.

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